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What to Expect

Planning Your Visit:

We gather on Sunday morning at 9:30 for Morning Bible Study in several different classrooms. Adults meet in several Ministry Center classrooms (across the street from the main building), Kids are upstairs in the main building, Childcare is provided in the Children's Building (East of the main building), and Students meet in "The Garage" (South of the main building). 

Corporate Worship begins at 10:45 in the Sanctuary. 

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to everything we do, so every Sunday, we recall and celebrate what Jesus has done for us through his life, death, and resurrection. Our corporate Worship Gatherings include elements such as singing and public prayer, as well as reading and preaching the Scriptures. Our goal is to make much of Jesus and to hear God speak to us through his Word.

What Should I Expect?

You can expect our weekly worship gatherings to be simple and centered on Jesus. Our worship gatherings typically include elements such as congregational singing, corporate confessions and prayers, the reading and teaching of Scripture, and the practice of the ordinances, Baptism and Communion.


We have childcare provided in the Children's Building just to the east of the Main Building (where the Sanctuary is located). 

We know it can be daunting to bring little ones into the corporate worship service, so please know that we love the little ones the Lord brings to our worship. God created children to wiggle and giggle, and while we hope that many of them learn to sit in worship over time, it’s okay if your child struggles to sit still. We have a few resources available to help your child engage with the worship service in our church lobby, so be sure to let us know if you'd like some!

In addition, we have a Mothers’ Room available for nursing moms and plenty of space in the lobby for any parent to utilize if you and your child need to find a quiet space during the worship gathering.


We don’t have a dress code so you should wear whatever feels most comfortable. Most people who attend dress casually, but regardless of what you wear, you will be welcomed. God is much more concerned with the loyalties of our hearts than he is with the clothes on our backs.


All of our guests are welcome to park in a guest parking space, which are located in the Front Parking Lot. Proceed to the covered walkway, and one of our members will be available to greet you at the lobby doors!


We promise we won’t single you out during the service in any way. However, we would like to connect with you before or after the service. We look forward to meeting you!